Optional Competitions

Optional competitions are an additional opportunity for contestants to express their leadership skills, community involvement and academic excellence. Optional competitions are judged by a separate panel of judges and do not impact the selection of our new South African Royalty. The below have additional information about the optional competitions.


The photogenic completion is open to every category. All you need to do is to email your headshot to info@internationaljuniormisssouthafrica.com The best picture will be selected, and winner will be announced during optional awards.


Charity was created to recognize and award young women for their outstanding community service. At IJMSA we are dedicated to teaching leadership skills through giving back to others. Each girl select a project of their choice, compile a portfolio of evidence, and hand it over during registration. The best project with the community will be awarded.


This is based on the academic report and highest in each category will be selected based on academic result for they year.

Special awards

  • Public choice
  • Public choice overall
  • Provincial
  • Best outfits
  • Best interview
  • Personality
  • Best groomed