Meet our IJMSA Royalty

Junior Princess

Natalee-Jordan Brown

“No one is you and that is your super power”, is my motto. I am Natalee-Jordan Brown, a bubbly 6-year-old girl from the North-West province. I love embracing my God given talents such as dancing, modeling and doing sport.

In my free time I spend time with my close family, friends and pets. I really enjoy playing soccer with brothers and dad as well as pampering my mom and sister.

I hope to be an inspiration to every little girl out there. I want them to believe that they are capable of anything they set their minds to, regardless of where they’re from. As the reigning International Junior Miss South Africa, I strive towards spreading happiness and making a positive difference in our world.


Emihle Shozi

My name is Emihle Shozi and I am your current reigning International Junior Miss South Africa Princess 2020-2021. I am the community driven and adventurous 10 years old with a zest for life. I am in Grade 5 where I love to excel in my academics. My hobbies include swimming, cooking, walks on the beach playing video games with my brother as well as dancing. I am extremely passionate about community and charity work. I love to donate clothing, food, volunteer as well as spend quality time at Klaarwater Organisation which is a home for senior citizens. I feel that caring for the elderly is one of our greatest responsibilities, as they have walked before us and have given so much for us all to enjoy life as we know it now. My motto in life is “if you can dream it you most certainly can achieve it. I am so looking forward to traveling to the international finals of International Junior Miss 2021 to proudly represent my beautiful country South Africa.


Lerato Moahloli

My name is Lerato Moahloli, 13 years of age residing in Burgersfort, Limpopo province. I’m an ambitious girl who is multitalented and currently doing grade 8 in school.

Been in love with modelling my whole life, yet joined the industry in 2018. It was an opportunity to showcase my talent and show the young girls from the small town of burgersfort that anything is indeed possible. Modelling gave me a voice, enhanced my character forgetting not my Confidence. I also do spiritual dance in my spare time and like sewing clothes for my doll.

Apart from modelling my goal in life is to own the Aerospace Engineering Company And become one of the runway models.

Charity work is something that is close to my heart and with the help of my family i enjoy doing it. And I’m also thankful for IJMSA platform because through it i have learned a lot about pageantry and the sister hood.

I would urge every young person to do what they are most passionate about, by doing that happiness and a sense of living will be your daily bread.


Junior Teen

Zoalize Jansen Van Rensburg

I have always believed that we are the creators of our own destiny.
I am the 15 year old Zoalize Jansen Van Rensburg, in my free time I love researching all things health and fitness, creating fashion pins on Pinterest as well as making sure I equip myself with the necessary communication skills to make my voice heard.

I consider myself a big advocate for ending invalidation as-well as leading our generation into a bigger, better, brighter future.
I have recently launched my new live social media series #Queenz it has definitely given me the opportunity to give people not only in South Africa but all around the world a platform to spread awareness on the causes close to our heart.

During my year of reign I hope to be the light at the end of the tunnel and be an example to the people from all over the world that your circumstances don’t define you and where there is a dream there is a way.

Junior Teen

Leigh Human

I am Leigh Human .

I am your International Junior Miss South-Africa Teen 2021. I come from a small town Humansdorp,in the Eastern Cape. I will be studying LLB law at the University of Free State.

Three words describing myself would be kind,helpful and funny . I enjoy spending time with friends and family . I started doing modeling in 2018 ,after I watched the series Model squad .I fell in love with their way of living & I wanted to travel .The one thing I really enjoy about modeling is meeting new people and seeing new techniques on the ramp.

International Junior Miss South-Africa has been nothing less than a blast . I have learned so much about sisterhood and the model industry itself . I am forever grateful for the opportunity to experience royal treatment.
I am looking forward to meeting all the other queens at internationals and I hope when I finish my year ,all of you would be proud.

My advice to the other models out there would be to always be yourself ,believe in yourself and never settle for less than you deserve .



“Village girl”

An ambitious 21 year old who isn’t afraid to fail because to me, failure is a stepping stone to greatness. My background motivates more than anything because I’m from a small disadvantaged village where it seems like you are crazy when you have big dreams. 

IJM has given me a chance to show myself that there’s another version of me I am yet to meet, that version is fearless and more dedicated than I now am. It has also given me an opportunity to show my sisters in the village that anything is possible when you set goals and focus on achieving them.

I’m a Bachelor of Arts degree student at the University of KwaZulu Natal majoring in my vernacular (IsiZulu), this is to assist me better understand my culture and where I come from so that I pass on the knowledge gained to the next generation.

Any chance I get, I use it to read books especially by South African authors, my favorite is Dudu-Busani Dube. I am also assisting at a library in a local school called St Lawrence Primary School, they call me “reading champion” haha, I hope I produce young reading champions as well.

“If you weren’t capable, the opportunity would have never come your way, You belong” these few words are my daily affirmation to remind myself that I am doing well and it’s not by mistake I have been given this opportunity, I belong to IJM. 

I’m more than excited to meeting all my sister queens, I cannot wait to learn about where they come from and make real sister connections.