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1. Who is eligible to enter IJMSA?

All naturally born girls between 4yrs and 24yrs.

2. I am from Swaziland, can I enter?

IJMSA is only open to South African girls.

3. What if there is a lockdown in the month the competition is meant to be held?

We are very flexible and health of everyone involved is our top priority

4. How are finalist chosen.

On the basis of entry videos that should be submitted.

5. Where and when will the pageant be held?

27 June 2022 to 3rd July 2022. At the moment we are still in talks with various provinces. The province and venue will be revealed to the finalists.

6. Will accommodation be provided or is it a self accommodation.

We negotiate group rates with the hotel. The accommodation will be for the model’s account.

7. Is it compulsory to stay at the hotel hosting IJMSA?

It is advisable as our daily programme is jam packed and runs till late. Models running late will be penalized.

8. How are payments done?

All payments must be made on the IJMSA account (FNB, Cheque, ACCOUNT NO: 62830092433
BRANCH CODE: 250655). Model’s name and surname must be a reference at all times.

9. Would I be penalized if I dont do optionals?

No. This is just to give each model the opportunity to be crowned for other traits we consider important.

10. When should we submit academic reports?

All reports must be submitted by 2 days after school closes for year end. Deadline will be communicated for the scholarship award. Remember scholarship is optional. Only submit your report if you have entered scholarship optional award.

11. Optionals is for what..? What exactly is required there..?

Kindly view judging criteria under optionals for detailed explanation.

12. What age must I put on the entry form?

The models’ age on the 1st January 2022.

13. Is there a payment plan?

R500 semi finals entry fee payable on registration. Further payment plans will be communicated to the finalists

14. How will I know that my entry has been received?

Once your video, head and shoulder pic, and R500 payment has been received, you will be notified via email that your entry has been received.

15. How will I know that I am a finalist?

All finalists will be notified via email and wattsup on the 7th November 2021



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