Compulsory Competitions

Interview (40%)

The Interview Competition is a great time to let the judges know just why they should pick you as the next International Junior Miss SA.  Our judges are warm and friendly and are ready to have a one-on-one conversation with each contestant.  At IJM SA, there are no political, religious or text book questions.  The judges just want to get to know who you are!  Contestants should wear a nice, smart outfit for this competition.

At IJM SA all interviews are conducted “round robin” style. This means that you will sit down one on one with each judge to give them a chance to get to know you rather than interviewing with the full judging panel all at once.

Judging criteria: conversational skill, personality, demeanour, grooming, and fashion sense

The Interview competition accounts for 40% of your total score and will be conducted during the day.

Fun Fashion (30%)

Each contestant will model an outfit of her own choice. It must be age appropriate, and it should portray the contestant’s personal sense of style and fashion.  Denim jeans  are not permitted.  Choose an outfit that you would wear to a Hollywood Premier or Red Carpet Event, casual attire is not recommended.

Judging criteria: modelling, personality, grooming and fashion sense.

Fashion wear will account for 30% of your total score.

Evening Gown (30%)

All contestants must wear a floor length gown that is age appropriate for the formal wear/evening gown competition. International Junior Miss Pageant titleholders must carry themselves with dignity, grace, poise, and elegance. Judges are not evaluating the cost or designer label of the gown, but how well it suits the contestant (e.g., fit, colour, style) as well as contestant’s on-stage presentation

Judging Criteria: modelling, personality, grooming and fashion sense.

The evening gown competition will account for 30% of your total score.