“A Crown of opportunities, a unique blend of beauty with brains to the world of pageantry”


International junior Miss was founded in 2008 in the U.S.A by Nikki Clark. The International Junior Miss Scholarship Program has been organized to encourage positive achievement by helping to develop and strengthen self-awareness in our youth and young women of today. The International Junior Miss Program awards scholarships to individuals on the basis of achievement throughout the weekend of competition and service throughout the year as an International Junior Miss titleholder. Scholarships are awarded in each division.

In 2019, Tidimalo Tlhabi together with 8 girls from South Africa attended International Junior Miss competition in Orlando Florida USA after the unforgettable experience Tidimalo applied and was awarded the directorship of the pageant in South Africa. Tidimalo has over 12yrs pageant industry experience, although an Accountant by profession she is very passionate about empowering girls. Tidimalo’s passion has recently being acknowledged as she was nominated as Gauteng woman of the year in the “Investing in Girls” category. As Tidimalo puts it, International Junior Miss South Africa will give girls an experience of a lifetime and the growth that the girls obtain is commendable.


Opening up possibilities to the girl child that equip her to make a valuable impact on the world


To be considered the “go to” pageant that creates an alumnae of fierce female influencers and leaders that will effect notable change

Our Values

1. Professionalism

We conduct our organisation with high standards of professionalism. We respect each other. We do what we do well


2. Integrity

We conduct our organisation in a ethical manner. We are open and honest in our operations. We are real.

3. Passion

We are commited in heart and mind.


4. Transparent

We are impartial


Beauty With Brains

Offers a unique blend of beauty with brains to the world of pageantry through the crown of opportunities.


Provides programs and scholarship opportunities to encourage young women to reach their full potential


Life Lessons

Entrenched valuable life lessons that last long after their pageant career is over.


Teaches leadership skills in a competitive environment through giving and serving their respective communities and country.